What's an e-wallet

Via our website, "iit Delivery", you can make on-line payments by electronic purse which allows you to pay on-line without always having to use your bank card. This also means that you avoid all the bother of cash payments: we don't alays have the correct change on us to reimburse €3.85 to a colleague.

How does it work

Recharge your account with the amount you wish depending on the frequency you will need it. For example, you may estimate that you will be placing orders over a certain amount of time and choose to recharge your e-wallet on a weekly or monthly basis, or perhaps every three days.

When you place an order, your e-wallet is automatically debited by the amount incurred. It saves time and bother!

Even quicker: place your order via your smartphone!

How to charge your account

 There are two ways of charging your account:

1)    Once you have placed your order and moved on to the payment field, we offer you several alternatives. If you select “e-wallet” and it has not yet been charged, we propose that you use your bank/credit card to charge it.

2)   If you would like to charge your e-wallet directly, just click on “my account” and choose the option “my e-wallet». Then, follow instructions...